Bulk Supply

We work with our credible partners to procure quality paraffin (Coastal & Inland IP). Our partners include Engen.

We deliver this product: Coastal & Inland IP.

MoleteNET supply in bulk volume from 40 000L and more delivered straight from the oil majors.



What is the minimum bulk order quantity nationally?
000L (Customer Own Collection or Delivered)

What is the delivery time?
Once your order and payment is confirmed, Our team will be in contact with you to communicate your delivery/collection schedule (Orders to be placed 24 hours prior to delivery or collection).

What are the payment options?
EFT payment into either of below listed company bank accounts.
Send our team your proof of payment prior to delivery/collection -

What type of containers/storage  do we deliver into?
Approved tanks

Where do we do bulk loads (Min: 40 000L)?

Call 087 163 4587 | 071 245 3657 | 076 867 0571 to place an order or email

Whatsapp Line: 0768670571

Bank Details:

Account No: 62514000249
Branch Code: 250 655
Ref No: Company/Name

MoleteNET cc
Account No: 10211169682
Branch Code: 051001
Ref No: Company/Name