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At MoleteNET Energy, We fuel the success of businesses throughout South Africa by supplying all grades of petroleum products, directly from refineries. We are Supplying Clients in Mining, Construction, Automotive, Industrial and Commercial Sectors including generator fill ups.

Petroleum Wholesale: Diesel 50ppm | Illuminating Paraffin (IP)

B-BBEE Status: B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor 135% Procurement Recognition

MoleteNET has taken quite a journey of its own in various industries throughout the years before landing itself in Petroleum, Technology and Construction industries. MoleteNET has enormously evolved to understand relationship building, ethics, inclusivity, values and importance of women and men  empowerment.

MoleteNET is specialising in the wholesale trading of petroleum products i.e. diesel, petrol and paraffin nationwide.

"We envision ourselves as the best customer-centric bulk fuel supplier in South Africa. Our vision is to create unprecedented value for our clients, stakeholders and employees.

Fueling the future, One drop at a time."

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DMRE License

Wholesale Licence Certificate